Full Initial Consultation £70 for 60-90 minutes.

Step 1: Contact Lisa to arrange a mutually convenient time to book a session in clinic.

Step 2: Prior to consultation, clients complete a questionnaire and 3-day typical food and drink diary. This details medical history, current symptom checklist and prime health concerns/goals. This information is then used by the practitioner for research, at least 4 days prior to initial consultation booking.

Step 3: Initial Consultation - Together we go over the questionnaire, I explain any possible underlying deficiences/areas for focus and we design an achievable Action plan. Consultations are client led, I aim to meet the needs of the individual, with any additional information followed up afterwards.

Clients will receive a summary of the Action plan, together with recommended supplement programme and any functional testing details where requested/recommended.

Included is the practitioner's time in and out of the clinic dedicated to each client, researching relevant aspects and designing the individual action plan. Clients may contact via email, SMS or phone if they have any questions between consultations.

All clients will benefit from discounted RRP on all practitioner recommended supplements. 


Functional Testing Costs vary depending on type of testing.

Functional testing and interpretation of the results are available for clients without full consultation, for example:

  • Food Intolerance Testing IgG (fingerprick blood sample)
  • Gut EcologiX Invivo stool gut health and Microbiome test
  • SIBO
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Blood based Vitamin and Mineral profiles 
  • Cardiovascular Function

Laboratories frequently used include Genova diagnostics, Cambridge Nutritional Sciences, Invivo, Biolab, Regenerus laboratories.

Non-invasive fingerprick blood sample may be taken by either client, or patient's doctor/nurse (usually £10 fee) and sent off to selected laboratory.


Follow up Consultation £35 for 45 minutes-1 hour.

A follow up consultation is recommended 4 weeks after the first consultation to discuss progress and allow for any adjustments to be made to the action plan.

Supplement programmes are never designed for long-term usage, these need reviewing and updating regularly.

Interpret/refer on any requested functional testing results (Please note outsourced laboratory tests incur additional costs to be confirmed by practitioner, prior to sample being sent to laboratory).

Clients will receive a summary of their reviewed Action plan, a new supplement programme where appropriate, and a copy of any requested functional test results/interpretation.


Supplement Review £20 for 30 minutes.

This service is for clients not necessarily wanting a full consultation, though they would like to know whether supplements could be of benefit to their health and whether they are safe to take with current medications.

Clients will be asked about current medications being taken, in order to check for potential interactions with foods/supplements.

Some medications may increase requirements for certain nutrients, this information will also be provided.


Supermarket Tour £25 for 1 hour.

Clients with special dietary requirements may benefit from a tour around their preferred shopping place, for example a health food store, or supermarket of preference.

This service aims to provide inspiration and advice for alternative food options, and how to recognise substitutes for the foods that may be compromising individual health.

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